Let the Games Begin…


If it’s Monday then it must be art class.  I missed the last one due to a cold and so it was with renewed vigor I attacked today’s sitting.  I have to say that now that the paint has set – yes even acrylic improves after a few hours I am quite pleased with the result. (The above photo doesn’t really do it justice – is that a good sign?  I doubt it!)

I was going to write a piece on the Hunger Games that the USA education system seems to have become but what is the point?   Clearly the politicians are happy that a proportion of children who attend school won’t be coming home in the evening.   Actually it is a bit of a cop out just to blame the political class because the same must be said of the whole of the population.   This is harsh I know but what other conclusion can anyone come to when  there has been 20 deaths and 40 injured this year due to the discharge of firearms.  That is seven firearms incidents.   Or to put it another way that is more than one death every 2 days since the start of the current semester.   How this is even close to being acceptable I cannot understand but clearly it is.   Let the games begin.

Perhaps I did write something after all.



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Here comes the sun….


Out in the Ironstone country again.   Last night I was comparing the images I made this time last year for this project and those I made yesterday and I think that there is one significant difference.  Last year the images were much more muted in their colours and pallet in general.  This year so far it has been and explosion of colour.   There are a number of reason why this might be the case but I suspect the main driver is a reaction to what has been so far a pretty miserable winter.   We haven’t had that much snow thank goodness but there seems to have been day after day of grey dampness that made whole weeks merge into one.   Also this winter the cold and flu season seems to have been worse than most which has caused problems all of their own.    The upshot has been that I have only felt upto to going out when the sun has shone and hence bright images.


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Random Thoughts…

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Over the weekend I had a problem with my Broadband – which Virgin Media promptly fixed but forgot to tell me.   However alls well that ends well so lets be thankful for that.   This morning I went a walk through a local park and beside the cold wind it was invigorating as the sun was bright and just starting to show the first signs of moving beyond winter gloom.  I know that is most likely wishful thinking but one of the joys of our understanding of space time  at this time of year is that the days will always get longer and shortly snow and frost will be replaced by warm breezes and renewal…that is until the end of June when of course the nights start to draw in and well the cicle starts all over again.

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See the old folks….


One of the joys(?) of not feeling too well whilst going around an art gallery is that you can just sit and people watch.  This happened to me on Wednesday at Tate Liverpool.   The cold, that I thought I was over with had other ideas and I found myself having to sit and catch my breath.  However, I didn’t waste my time instead I made a little sketch of one of the assistance busing herself with some of the labels for the art works and the above is based on that sketch.

If you happen to be passing the Tate Liverpool there is an excellent exhibition of John Piper’s work.   It struck me whilst sitting there that I have traveled all over the country to see Piper’s work but perhaps the best and probably least known of his works can be found in a 1960’s parish church building at St Andrew’s Church, Wolverhampton.   The  fabric of the building itself is starting to show sign of neglect and along with  just the whiff of damp to the air.  However the windows are still as beautiful as the day they were installed in the mid 1960’s.  If you a Piper fan then this is well worth the trip – as is the Tate Liverpool exhibition.

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Back to the Ironstone…

Cold just about banished it was time to once more enter the freezer of the Ironstone benefice – today I was chasing snowdrops.

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Warm Bum…


This is going to sound so first world but what the heck.   I have found the perfect pick me up for  cold – heated seats in your car.  This morning I dropped my car off for its service and MOT (An antiquated term but one that has stuck.)   In return I got a loan car which had the aforementioned seats.   Blis it was to be sitting in that car.  Shame that the driving position is uncomfortable but I didn’t have far to travel so I could live with that.  See I told you it was so first world.

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