Democratic Deficit…

Anybody who has been following this blog for any length of time will know that I didn’t want Britain to vote to leave the EU.  I thought membership of the EU was in Britain’s long term interest – I still do.   However, this wasn’t the argument that prevailed in the referendum and I have come to accept this – after all this is what the the country voted for and I have accepted it and i’m trying to make the best of what I consider to be a bad job.

I have watched with great dismay as our current government have proceeded to make a bigger and bigger mess of the whole process of  withdrawal.  I have tried to give them some leeway because no one has ever tried to do what Britain is going to do.  This being said you do have to wonder at the apparent ineptitude of Theresa May who is giving a really good impression of not being able to organise a piss up in a brewery.   The loyal opposition has made a better job of not committing  to anything which will only take them so far and that point is now about to be reached.   If they are to be considered as a potential government then they will have to provide a much clearer answer to the key Brexit questions of the day.  Jeremy Corbyn bathing in the adulation of a stoned Glastonbury crowd is simply not good enough and this of course is when Labour displays just as much disharmony as the Conservatives.

The one thing that I cannot understand is why so many people still seem to think that we can somehow stay part of the customs union and single market and not be part of the EU.   They seem to still not to have accepted the result of the referendum where by a clear majority Britain voted to leave the EU and being part of the single market and customs union only works to Britain’s advantage when it is part of the EU.  We voted to leave the EU so therefore we cannot be part of either and to suggest otherwise is undemocratic in my view.  This doesn’t mean that there is a huge amount of wiggle room to be had so that some form of trade deal between Britain and EU can be struck that enables both parties to prosper. Britain will not doubt have to pay extra money in some form or another – my suspicion will be levies to continue to use certain authorities but this will also mean that the EU going to have to provide something in return.  Hopefully with an implementation period  now firmly part of the British thinking it does give extra time to negotiate things.

Things can and may well go horribly wrong and at the end of any implementation period we might end our relationship with the EU badly but I suspect things might not be quite as bad as many on the remain side have painted and perhaps the biggest loser won’t be Britain but rather the Republic of Ireland who could get wholly screwed if things do go wrong.  I am hopeful (naive?)  that this won’t happen and that come the next decade we might have a much more productive relationship between the EU and Britain.

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Killing time in a hotel room..

We’ve all had those moments in hotels when you’ve got a few minutes to kill for whatever reason.  What to do?   For me I just spend my time doodling.

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Don’t Stop…

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Unexpected Turn…

Yesterday was all planned out.  I was off to revisit the excellent Seurat to Riley: The Art of Perception at Compton Verney then my fellow traveller has to cancel because of a continuing back problem.   As a fellow back sufferer I understood his predicament and we rearranged the visit.   This left me with a problem though – what to do?   I could revisit the exhibition myself but the weather was looking bad for south Warwickshire which would make this a soggy experience.   I discounted this and instead I decided to stay home and watch the weather roll by.   As things turned out it made for some interesting images.

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So tell me whats up…no more

So there is no argument – autumn is here.   It takes many different forms and probably most of the time it is just dull and damp and then sometimes it is magical – hardly Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness but I think you get the idea.

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Today I’ve been mostly listening to Ommadawn…

Ommadawn was the third album that Mike Oldfield released and I think it is safe to say it is a bit of an acquired taste which is great because those of us who like the album are few and far between.

I am not sure why I am listening to this album whilst working on this sketch of John Lithgow playing Winston Churchill  from the excellent The Crown.   Strange but I am and it seems to help me create.


BTW Mike Oldfield is one of those sickening people who seems to play any instrument placed into his hand.

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Eventually everyone has to face up to the fact that they just can’t do what they used to be able to do before.   It seems the more stellar the life the greater the decline is felt.   Some adjust but many resist chrónos’ call.   Unfortunately our cells don’t and one day we all look at the back of our hands and don’t see our hands but those of our parents.   No cream nor operation has yet been discovered to prevent this.

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