To see if he…

After a break it was back out on the Ironstone Benefice trail yesterday with the artist David Manley.   It was a hard slog and at times I wasn’t sure were going to be able to finished the day – fortunately we were able to obtain substance from the excellent Rutland Arms at Bottesford.  This helped us greatly.   It is a hard life but someone has got to live it!

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Sitting by the pool…

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Not always welcome…


As summer approaches the flowers start to come out in force and it is so tempting to make photographic images of them.  But therein lies the problem.  Flowers need light to look their best but the combination of the natural luminance of the flower and the harsh light can ruin things.   Over the past couple of days I have spent at the wonderful gardens at Hidcote Manor and the image I captured there illustrate the point flawlessly.  The first day was bright sunlight – the second bright but very damp.


For me the bright damp day will always win.

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Enjoy the simple things…


Simple things please…I can’t tell you what satisfaction I get from making an accurate geographical map of something that I have been thinking about.   These three explore different aspects of early coal mining and they help me clarify my thoughts and where my research should explore. Cartography for me is every bit as rewarding as photography…well maybe not quite but it is close.

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Who knows? Not me…

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Some kind a misunderstandin’


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From the bright side of the road…

What a wonderful thing it is to live in England in spring.  This is not meant to be some form of jingoistic statement but rather a reflection of just how the weather changes so quickly on these damp and green islands of off the coast of Europe – perhaps that explains so much about our love/hate relationship with our nearest neighbours.

On Tuesday I was at a rather grey and damp Chatsworth – not quite raining but a dampness in the air.   Two days later all that is gone and I was in south Warwickshire dashing for cover under a unremitting sun.

 Today we have another change to a fresher day – bright sun but a welcoming breeze.   This time just messing around in the garden at home.

Sometimes we have to be reminded just how lucky we are.

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