Project LV One – Day 30 – a strange thing happened to me last night


Another day at the art class and I feel my discipline is starting to pay dividends.  Each every week the tutor introduces some new technique for us to try and, for me, what happens is that I never feel I have been able to produce anything of real merit or just any good – just a rushed experiment.   This time is different as I have decided to do my own thing and try and produce something useful at the end of all this – above the result of yesterday’s attempt and I’m pleased with it.

In the evening I went to a school art exhibition where the daughter of friend’s of mine was exhibiting her work (As an aside I thought that her work was a bit unusual when compared to the rest of the year – which actually I think made it really quite good.  It was interesting to hear the views of two of her contemporaries who immediately identified the girl and were also taken by the unusual content – another good sign) .  As I was walking around the AS level students work I suddenly came across a series of rather poor life drawing’s and I thought I know that woman – here are a couple of two minute quick sketches I’ve made of her.


The students work was very poor and I suspect this was two fold.  Firstly, they would be 16/17 years of age and this would probably would be the first real woman they would have seen without her clothes on.  The second is that she doesn’t conform to the perfect body form that has been fed to these young kids today – in fact she symbolised much of what they are told to despise by the internet as she is far more Rubinseque than many of the photoshop beauties  portrayed as what ‘ beauty’ is. As a result of all this I suspect they may well couldn’t coped and they clearly spent more time drawing from their imagination rather than actually looking at the model or perhaps they are just an untalented group – which I doubt.  Either way it was an interesting experience.




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An artist, historian and middle aged man who'se aim in life is to try and enjoy as much of it as he can
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