Project LV One – Day 49 – England’s Disney World

20140611-Photo 11-06-2014 11 00 58 - Waddesden Manor 20140611-Photo 11-06-2014 11 31 41 - Waddesden Manor 20140611-Photo 11-06-2014 11 33 20 (1) - Waddesden Manor

Waddesden Manor is without doubt the strangest place I have visited in a very long time.  It is an example, if you ever needed one, that when you have an awful lot of money then you can just about do anything you want.  In the late 19th century Baron Ferdinand de Rothschild decided that he would like to build a French Chateau in England for a weekend get away.  So, according to one of the information panels, he and 100 other workers created this place on top of a hill in Buckinghamshire.  Actually it took around 10 years to complete and I’m sure that the Baron worked really hard to create this master piece of money no object.

Just as in Walt Disney World in Florida you have to park a mile or so away from the house and are then bused up the hill to north lawn.  However, it was a lovely day so we decided to walk through the manicured park land and climb up the hill.   Whilst leaving you out of breath at times the walk is worth it because the rolling Buckinghamshire countryside slowly opens up as you climb.  You also have the bonus of seeing the wonderful wildlife – much better than sitting in a bus.

The place itself is unlike any National Trust property you will ever come across because, whilst belonging to the trust, it has a significant trust fund all of its own to maintain the place – it shows.  However, the catering is not unto the National Trust standards if you have any allergy  problems – which as far as I am concerned is a big black mark.  Perhaps in the main resturant it might have been different but I still think this is a very bad.

So go and enjoy Waddesden Manor – it really is like nothing else you will find in England.



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