Interesting Comments

From time to time I get a comment left on my blog.  This is wonderful and I thank anyone who does actually does that.  However, some of the comments are a little hard to understand which, if English is not the first language of  the person making the comment can make the it a little problematic to reply to.  Anyone who has spent any time reading  my posts will also know that I also mangle my syntax’s, gobble my grammar and generally mash up the language of Shakespeare with the best of them.

Today I received a comment that I really don’t understand at all.  I suspect that it was a comment designed to draw me to a cloud computing company web site which I actually followed up, so I guess it worked.  Whilst I was going through the web site I came across the YouTube  explanation of Cloud Computing by Stephen Fry above.  It is a wonderfully interesting and insightful animation, very professional and by the looks of it quite expensive.   However, at the end you find out that it has been made by another Cloud Computing company which some what defeats the idea of inserting the clip into another company’s website.  If you were looking for a Cloud Computing solution I suspect you are more likely to go to the company that can afford Stephen Fry et al rather than the company which has just used the YouTube clip/advert – I could very well be wrong.

So thank you everyone who might make a comment on this blog, although that isn’t the reason why I run the blog.  Thank you to all those people who actually follow the blog – according to WordPress there are 270 of you.  Even thank you to all those get better/healthy/wealthy comments that take me to websites/blogs that I would never ever go to in the first place and most probably will never visit again.


Thank you all.



About Guthlac

An artist, historian and middle aged man who'se aim in life is to try and enjoy as much of it as he can
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