Project LV One – Day 120 – Strange Conversation…

200819 - Tate Liverpool

Sometimes you hear strange snatches of conversations.  The happened to me the other day as I wandered around Tate Liverpool.   Two women were discussing some art work and then on turned to the other and said “…of course I got a place at the Slade you know.”

Her interlocutor looked at her and then first woman continued ” Of course I didn’t take it because my father wouldn’t allow it.”

“Too young?” Her earnest friend asked.

“Too young yes…my father was right of course…I was far too young for such a thing”

They then continued as if neither had said anything very profound.  Both women were probably in their early sixties so this conversation between father and daughter  must have taken place in the late 1960s/early 70s – hardly the Victorian period.

Should anyone be unclear as to the significance of this the Slade is one of the most eminent art schools in Britain with a list of alumni with is a who’s who? of British art.  Yet this daughter did the dutiful thing.  That really is very sad.

20140819 - Liverpool


20140819 - Picnic Bench - Cat and Fiddle 20140819 - Picnic Benches - Cat and Fiddle Pub

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