Project LV One – Day 129 – Another in the occasional series – Walks through National Trust lands

Calke Abbey House from Park

Another wonderful early autumn Sunday, another wonderful day for walking around another gem of the National Trust properties – Calke Abbey.   This property has had a direct and indirect influence on my family for generations.  Back in the day this was a rather strange Downton Abbey many of my ancestors would have been poaching on the Harpur-Crewe land and no doubt were a pain in the side of the local game keepers as well.

Now their descendent can walk freely through the parkland and fields that surround the main house.  How times change.

Calke Abbey 20140831-IMG_001647 20140831-IMG_001646 20140831-IMG_001644 20140831-IMG_001643 20140831-IMG_001641 20140831-IMG_001640


Next to the wonderful Calke there is the wide open water’s of Staunton Harold Reservoir. Now I am old enough to remember this reservoir being built which is nearly 50 years ago – dam this time thingy!

staunton harold reservoir

All in all a great place to visit at any time but when the weather is forgiving even better – I guess that is the same for most places.


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