Project LV One – Day 138 – Gene Gray and all the frustration released by a visit to an art gallery..

GG 13

So the first painting in the Grey series has been an unmitigating disaster – so I thought yesterday.  After four days of battling with the painting and loosing I just gave up and let rip with a paint brush.  After about 30 minutes of attacking the work with some vigour suddenly a far more interesting painting appeared.  I am not sure whether I like the final painting but I don’t not like it – if that isn’t entirely grammatically correct.

The Hepworth from the River Calder_

Junk Yard by River Calder - The Hepworth

So as a means to reduce the frustration we went to visit one of my favourite modern art galleries – The Hepworth at Wakefield.  The visit nicely bookended the summer – in the early summer we visited Barbara Hepworth’s studio in St Ives.  Today at the end of the summer it was the Hepworth.

Apart from the permanent collection the star turn was an exhibition of Franz West’s work. I have to truthful about this exhibition so I have to say it did nothing to me.  Now I am sure it is important work but it didn’t work for me.  I suspect it was me but you can’t like everything. He certainly isn’t one of the artists whom I consider to be influential of the last 30 years, far far from it.

However the painting I had come to see was by Euan Uglow – from the Wakefield Collection – I believe it is called the Gyroscopic Nude.  This is the first of Uglow’s paintings I have encountered in the flesh and I found it a revelation.  Let’s see how it influences me over the next few weeks.

Sketch 01 - Hepworth Sketch 02 - Hepworth


Apart from making a couple of quick sketches the site s a wonderful opportunity to make some photographs as well – especially in the early autumn sun.  The final cherry on top of a rather wonderful cake was that lunch was excellent.  What more could you want from a day out?

Sculptures - The Hepworth 20140909-IMG_001659 20140909-IMG_001661


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