What a strange day…

I have just finished reading my morning paper, The Times BTW, and it would seem that all hell is happening. Not the horror that is the Middle East, no much worse. It seems that the Scots might actually vote for indpendence so apparently yesterday the financial markets were in turmoil, melt down, panic, crisis… . Now this is strange when we have just lived through real financial crisis and melt down – this doesn’t feel like that.

The problem with all this is that it makes everything too easy to dismiss – although I’m not too sure what The Times readership is north of the border, and yes that isn’t Hadrian’s Wall. There will be consequences of independence, some not too pleasant, but if the Scot’s wish to go then let them go. However, as I have said before, I really don’t think things are going to be plain sailing between Scotland and well let’s be honest about this – England should they go it alone, but we will all survive.

Another equally hyperventilated event takes place today – a Utah based tech company announces a new product. Apparently people have already started to queue up to buy this new phone outside the New York store of the company – don’t these people have something better to do with their lives – jobs perhaps? Yes today is the iPhone 6, or whatever they are going to call it, launch. We can expect the usual nonsense from the tech blogs as to why this won’t work or why that wasn’t included when Samsung et al have included it. Frankly I am now very bored by the whole thing. The new phone will be, at best, an iteration on the current model. It won’t be ground breaking or revolutionary but rather a bit better than the previous model. Perhaps the more interesting launch will take place a few weeks time with the new iPad. Here the question that Apple have to address is how to keep a separation at the bottom end between the iPhone, assuming Apple launch an iPhone Max, and at the top end with the MacBook Air? Just where is the iPad going will be the more challenging problem for Apple.

So hyperventilation appears to be the order of the day – I’m glad I’m off out today and won’t be able follow any of this – that is unless I check Twitter but that will be my fault and I have just warned myself!

Simon Marchini


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