Project LV One – Day 182 – A germ of an idea?

Sleeping Beauty Castle

Since completing the recent series of paintings I have been at a loss as to how and where to go forward with my art.  One thought that I explored was to try and develop some form of urban sketching practice. (Actually explore is over blowing things somewhat – no wait a over bowing things a lot – I made a few half hearted attempts at making something which never really left me with anything other than perfunctory sense of satisfaction.  They really aren’t me.)  This doesn’t mean that I won’t continue but rather I’m not motivated to make such images.


Whilst urban landscapes or landscapes in general are fascinating the thing that motivates me to create art is the human form and portraiture , which I guess are really two side of the same coin.   For too many years I have been interested in prehistory and more recently the place that art took in the life of the prehistoric people.  ( I have to say I do not like the term ‘prehistoric’ because it suggests some form of inferiority on the part of the people who would be considered ‘prehistoric’.  This is nonsense.  The only difference between the prehistoric people and 21st century people is experience and time.  Apart from that we are the same people with the same capacities with one exception – we write things down and the prehistoric people didn’t – hence the name.  If you don’t believe me then just look how some people in the USA are reacting to the marginal threat posed by Ebola.  For all our learning and experience irrationality and fear rule our lives – now as then.)

So what are was produced in the pre classical world? (still not happy with this but it will do for now)  Well the best guess is that fertility was upper most on the minds.  A word of warning here as it may well be that the professional artists, and there does seem to be evidence that such people existed who solely created art and, for what ever reason, were supported by the rest of people, may have been men, so male predilections may have come to dominate the surviving art.  In short the earth goddess, who’s rounded form, was celebrated above anything else, which is in stark contrast to the stupid pursuit of the perfect female form nowadays which has nothing to do with how real women look like.  In fact the pre classical world’s view of women seems to be more mature than ours.   I am sure any anthologist who might read that last statement may not agree but I’m discussing how the creative precess works for me.

Another continuing theme has been the ‘Green Man‘.  This is an old tradition in Britain who’s antecedence may reach back into pre classical times.  The Green Man would appear to be some form of person who is part of or intertwined with the forest.  Whether he is some form of deity is unclear but he would appear to be supernatural.

Mother Earth

So how do these things intertwine?  Well I have an idea for a painting which the more I think about the more excited I get – a mother earth painting which celebrates the positives of life rather than the negative feelings generated by the Grey series.  The only problem I have is that I suspect the painting may well be beyond my current skill levels.  However, there is only one way to find out and that is to do it.

Wish me luck…I suspect there are many blog entries to come where I will be a gibbering wreak as my great plans fall about my – synch is life.


About Guthlac

An artist, historian and middle aged man who'se aim in life is to try and enjoy as much of it as he can
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