Project LV One – Day 203 – Man holding a box

Man holding Box

When this twelve month creative jamboree started one of the things that really worried me was that I might not be able to produce an item for each day – on I shouldn’t have concerned myself.   My creative verbosity seems to have increased over the last six months to a point whereby Vol 7 may contain the most images yet. (Goodness knows what Vol 12 will be like?)   Of course many of the images included could rightly be considered to be at best half baked – but then for me most of my life has been a series of such episodes.

Today’s offering is no different.   I had decided to revisit the site of one of the early 1980’s photograph I made about the mining industry – Moira furnace – and as yesterday looked like the best day for it off we went.  As I was walking along the side of the Ashby canal (note to canal lovers – this is by far the silliest canal restoration in the country as the canal around the furness is just over a mile in length, it was supposed to join up with the rest of the canal at Snarestone, some 6 miles away but somehow the money seems to have run out) I passed a number of people walking their dogs and as I created them Good Morning I realised that not only had the mines gone but so had the local population to be replaced by people from the West Midlands.  I knew this was happening but to hear one distinct accent replaced by a different one is quite disturbing.

Moira Blast Furness C 2014

So I got the furnace and realised that the canal had also robbed me of the opportunity of standing in the same place to take the photograph as I would require divine powers or a boat.  As I had neither I had to make do with a rough approximation.

Moira Blast Furness C 2014 and C 1980

So the grime and menace of an industrial landscape has been covered into a heritage site – the only thing is that all the mines have disappeared, many of the pit yards are now covered by modern housing.  It is on times like this you realise that you can never relive the past and you must always move on – after all much as we might want to change the past we can’t.

So I worked on the images last night and I thought that was that.  Then I saw a painting on my addiction Pinterest and I just had to make a drawing of it.

The result of all this is that instead of 2 images I end up with three.  Ok I could have left the man with the box for tomorrow but I don’t know what I’ll produce today so you just have to post what you have otherwise it will be lost under the what comes tomorrow – much like coal industry of my youth




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