Project LV One – Day 225 – Goodbye and thanks for all the fish…

Baby Panda

Just over a month ago I lost my sketchbook and since then I seem to have had an outflowing of creativity.  However, one thing I have learnt from that exercise is that I should always try and capture my scribblings just in case I loose the sketchbook in which they are made.

So I have now come to the end of the my replacement sketchbook, in truth I have several on the go at any one time, but my main one is now full of my little doodles and drawings.  What have I learnt over the past month I didn’t know before?  Well I guess the biggest thing is that I just love to sketch and draw and that I somewhat doubt I have the temperament to spend several days , let alone weeks or months, on any art work.  I am not sure this is a sign of the much bemoaned shortening of attention spans that our children now suffer from (such an old fart concept in my view – kids are kids and they will make just as big a fuck of their lives as we did plus given the mess we have made of things we are in no position to judge!)

Well thank you and good bye or perhaps more telling – the sketch book is full long live the sketchbook.  I do write some utter nonsense sometimes.

Man in a Hat

Page of Woman

Worried Elffin Woman


About Guthlac

An artist, historian and middle aged man who'se aim in life is to try and enjoy as much of it as he can
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