Welcome on board Mr Shapps

Nice to see that the Conservative Party Chairman has time to follow my Twitter feed. I’m sure the reason is because he likes my original art and was taken a back by my selection of images on Pinterest. But I think we really know why he is following me and that is because of my insightful analysis of the current political situation at home and abroad. My voice is finally being heard!

Anyway back in the real world there are two things to note; first I have no idea whether this is the real Grant Shapps account (I don’t care that much to find out and it is rather suspicious that he has 13 followers, although one of them probably is the Newsnight political editor) and secondly just how much money have the Tories got in their war chest that they can afford to follow my twitter account? If this is genuine, then we really are in a post hustings election era when major parties employ the latest tools to gobble up every last bit of nonsense floating around in the cloud about the forthcoming election in a vain attempt to find out what is happening (I was going to say ‘real’ world but anyone who thinks that the cloud is real is not living in the real world) and then try and use this information to their own advantage. Best of luck with that.

So I am now being monitored by the Conservative party, big brother is watching, they would say listening to my views, am I concerned? Not one jot. Should I start following him? Not at all because if it is a set up I am likely to get my account corrupted with porn or dodgy economic advice or some pyramid sales scheme. If this is a genuine account much the same will apply.

So welcome on board Mr Shapps and I hope you or your drone ploughing through my twitter feed enjoy my tweets and I promise you that as the election approaches I will be letting the world know what my views of the proceedings to date are.

Simon Marchini


About Guthlac

An artist, historian and middle aged man who'se aim in life is to try and enjoy as much of it as he can
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2 Responses to Welcome on board Mr Shapps

  1. David Manley says:

    Private Eye suggests they spent £24k last month on encouraging ‘likes’ on Facebook…it beggars belief really!

  2. Guthlac says:

    Clearly they are pulling out all the stops but I am really not sure what they expect to get out of this as I am sure they are aware that I live in a Conservative ‘rotten’ borough so turning my vote isn’t going to change anything. Equally, I can’t believe that this blog will have any real influence on the way anyone else would vote either. The only conclusion that can be drawn is that they are so convinced that they will not win a majority that they have to try every little trick but even so. At least the Tories are being up front about this which i guess is something in their favour??

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