Project LV One – Day 307 – I agree with Frank.

Mia and the moon

For reason that are not worth going into I ended up making these images of one half of a rather good local group called Mia and the Moon.  A video of one of their songs is below.

Mia and the moon No 2

On top of this I spent much of the rest of yesterday watching the final few episodes of the latest season/series of House of Cards.   Because I don’t want to fall foul of upsetting anyone’s enjoyment of the series I will try and tip toe around any spoilers whilst setting out my thoughts.   On the whole this is a gripping must watch series with many twists and turns along the way as Frank Underwood tries to be the president that no one voted for.  There are some duds along the way but to discuss those would involve spoilers which I’m trying to avoid.  My only criticism is that this is no longer the same House of Cards we saw in series one and two.  Instead we have a much darker programme which I guess reflects the gravitas of the Presidency.  The problem with this is that the lightness of touch is gone and we see the true face of power and how it corrupts even the best of people, which Frank Underwood certainly isn’t. There were times I thought that Kevin Spacey was trying to do a really quite good Richard M Nixon impersonation.

In the end I felt that House of Cards had moved away from the very black comedy of the original British series  to the paranoia and greed of Breaking Bad.  I can’t wait until the next series but I will miss the lighter touch of series one and two.


So this morning it was back to the art class and two hours of doing battle with a painting.  It was just starting to work when we had to stop – such are the joys of art classes.




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An artist, historian and middle aged man who'se aim in life is to try and enjoy as much of it as he can
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