The mountain that Corbyn faces


This is the top fifty or so seats in the current parliament that Labour have to make a good attempt at taking if they want any chance of winning the next general election.  This comes from the UK Polling Website.

The above caption was applicable prior to to the 2015 election and as we know Labour made little or no headway in any of these.  I have highlighted Nuneaton which Labour worked hard to take only to see a 4% swing to the Conservative Party.  This is just a small snapshot of the real problem that Jeremy Corbyn faces far from the packed meeting halls and online noise.  This doesn’t mean he can’t change things or that events won’t help but sounding different is all very well but when it comes to the struggle for power will it be enough.   Only time will tell.


The list above is for the 2015 constituencies – we don’t know what the 2020  election map will look like but it is unlikely to be kind to the Labour.




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