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Siren Scream

Is this true?   Can Jeremy Corbyn actually improve Labour’s performance so much that it leads to a hung Parliament and he an unlikely Prime Minister leading a coalition government?   Well if you believe this headline then yes is … Continue reading

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And the airport came into view

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The gift that someone left

Day four of my confinement and the leg is looking a lot better.  I have been working on many things that I frankly had put off for a rainy day – but it does give me some time just to … Continue reading

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Old man with his head down.

Due to a leg infection I have had to change my plans for the weekend – in short I have to rest my leg whilst the antibiotics go to war.   After two days I am starting to go stir … Continue reading

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Pushing the envelope

Last night I watched a video about what a DIT is and I found it fascinating just the amount of care and attention that goes into producing digital video images before it is reworked in post production.  One of the key … Continue reading

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We Live In Strange Times

Yesterday I was out walking in the nice warm sun around Melton Mowbray and the Eye Valley – today I am taking antibiotics for an infection in my leg – although the walking isn’t connected with the infection I probably … Continue reading

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Freshly Squeezed

Another beautiful day and what better way to start the day than to walk amongst the flowers whilst the air is still cool – simple things are usually the most rewarding.

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