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An artist, historian and middle aged man who'se aim in life is to try and enjoy as much of it as he can

We that’s that….

So the saga of HS 2b continues.  This time last year it was going to run to the south east of Measham and I decided to document the destruction of countryside I grew up with.   The in the summer there … Continue reading

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Look no further for Red October

It is so very tempting to think because we live on an island we are safe from the outside world…after all the channel has protected us since 1688, that is if you discount the small French foray into Wales in … Continue reading

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Girl on the Highway…

Because the free wind is blowing through your hair.

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Spend time in bed

I recommend you stop watching the news… I really should take this advice from Morrissey

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Something that I have never understood

Over the years I have looked at many many photographs and one thing has puzzled more each time more than anything else – why is it important to know the F stop and shutter speed etc?   I suspect I am … Continue reading

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Is it real…

Flu jab plus cold equals…

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My Clumps…

Many artists draw, paint photograph the same subject again and again.   When I think about this Paul Nash and the Wittenham Clumps immediately come to mind although there are so many others. I too suffer from this affliction with a … Continue reading

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