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Just recently I have found myself being consumed by all things Trump.   I read numerous articles about how this or that had gone wrong or how he was showing every sign of starting world war three or or or.  In … Continue reading

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Still some life left in the summer

Whilst I do believe that autumn has arrived that doesn’t mean that we have given up on summer weather.  This afternoon was really quite nice – warm but over cast – perfect weather to spend an hour or so chasing … Continue reading

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Looking through the window

Actors who have been in a play for a long time find that they start to do exactly the same thing on the same spot again and again.  They can try and change where they stand on the stage but … Continue reading

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Blue skies above

After all these weeks of moaning about the greyness today’s sky is brilliant blue.   Tomorrow will return to grey but today I will enjoy the blue….winter is over…warmer days are coming.   Now expect six foot of snow!

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That was hard work….

After cursing and swearing (and blogging) about Blurb I decided this afternoon to recreate the 2016 yearbook using the Bookwright software.  It took a little while to get used to the new layouts etc but once I got into it … Continue reading

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Not that kinda girl….

The last day of the year, time to take stock about the previous 12 months and then open a vein in a warm bath! Or was it?   The truth is we really don’t know as the momentous decisions that … Continue reading

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It has been a while…so where are we?

So the dust has settled just a little after the Brexit referendum so I thought I would start to explore some of the issues highlighted by the British decision to leave the European Union. Political To say that both Britain … Continue reading

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