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Hunting the Bumps on Farthing Hill

First off some housekeeping:   This is the second post on the HS2 line through Measham and I have already broken the rule I set myself – a number of these images don’t look like Kodachrome 64 for two reasons: … Continue reading

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Thinking about Coal

Left side right side…sometimes I feel both hemispheres are pulling my brain apart.  I think I might already have mentioned that I only have certain RAM available for any mental tasks I might wish to complete in a day and … Continue reading

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Facing up to our past

Every now and then the past comes back to haunt – this is what happened to me this afternoon at Leeds Art Gallery.   In general the gallery is a wonderful place to visit full of different types of visual … Continue reading

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Throwing Money at a Problem

For the past few days I’ve been working at the Staffordshire problem.  I’ve followed up numerous leads but in the end the best solution I found was to throw money at the problem.   So 99 pence plus postage was … Continue reading

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Rebuilding the past

Well it has been coming, I’ve felt a dull acre in my bones – some far way light I just have to move towards.   After a 6 months break I’ve started my historical research again..  For those of you … Continue reading

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