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Events dear girl events….

On Friday I watched the excruciating display by Quentin Letts and Ian Hislop on Have I Got News for Yo when talking about the harassment and bullying scandal that is sweeping through the House of Commons.   They looked just like little … Continue reading

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Overplaying your hand…

I haven’t written about Brexit for a while so I thought I would sally forth and have my say, not that it counts for anything.   Over the past few days we have experienced the humiliation of the British prime minister … Continue reading

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Democratic Deficit…

Anybody who has been following this blog for any length of time will know that I didn’t want Britain to vote to leave the EU.  I thought membership of the EU was in Britain’s long term interest – I still … Continue reading

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Here’s a country that had everything….

The other day I rewatched V for Vendetta for the first time in our Post Trump/Brexit era and I found myself being chilled to the bones.   The first time I watched this movie, some time ago, it was a … Continue reading

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On Manoeuvres

So Parliament is in recess for the summer and all those MPs can go back to their constituencies and …well if you are a Tory MP it would seem plot.   The latest to let it be known that he … Continue reading

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Seeking the Snark

It is a while since I wrote about the gift that never stops giving – Brexit.  To recap it has ended the career of one Prime Minister and will almost certainly consume a second over the next two years; It … Continue reading

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So how hard will it be for Labour to form the next Government?

With every sign that the agreement between the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) and the Conservatives not being finalised anytime soon it is now perhaps the time to look at the chances of the Labour Party forming the next government should … Continue reading

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