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Unknown Territory

As the dust settles over the local elections in England, Wales and Scotland one thing is becoming very very clear – all the Tories have to keep saying on the mythical doorstep to voters is…Jeremy Corbyn.  The Sunday papers are … Continue reading

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Here we go…Here we go…Here we go…

Back in September 2016 I sketched out a possible path towards Jeremy Corbyn becoming the next Prime Minister.  I have to say it was just a little bit of fun and quite honestly I can’t see it happening any time … Continue reading

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Complexity’s complexity

There was a time when much of Britain celebrated Easter, the holiest Christian festival, at a different time to the rest of Western Europe.   This was due to the way that the monks at Iona calculated the date of Easter … Continue reading

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“…cry havoc and let slip the dogs of war…”

So the letter is signed, sealed and ….(I’m not sure how it is delivered) but no matter.  The rollercoaster of all rollercoaster rides starts today.   After the best part of nine months of posturing this is it.   Britain … Continue reading

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I’m sick to death…

Another day another deluge of garbage, hatred and misleading statements – I’ve had enough of it all:  I’m sick to death of the SNP; I’m sick to death with Brexit; I’m sick to death with remain; I’m sick to death … Continue reading

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May the Games Begin

“…Are you going to say that my job will go because you will not have an arrangement with the United Kingdom?…’ Ian Duncan Smith “…It’s just utter bollocks that it will it should take ten years…” Lawrence Tomlinson Friday 22nd … Continue reading

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Move along – nothing to see here

What are we to learn from the two by elections that were held yesterday (23/02/2017)?   Well I am sure there will be a lot of mendacious spinning by all sides some of it might be true but most of … Continue reading

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