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Searching for the hero

Each of this images show the problem I am facing at the moment. Advertisements

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Why let the truth get in the way of a good story

It has been pointed out that my last post might not be as accurate as I might have hoped for.   In fact the whole basis of the post, that the EU paid for the city of culture is in … Continue reading

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What if Donald Trump works?

Over the past few days I have read an awful lot of outpouring of hate towards the new President of the United States.   Many people have compared him to the second coming of Hitler (this is only slightly exaggerated … Continue reading

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Oh Gideon

Yesterday I wrote about how the women have taken over the British political landscape.  Today it is all about one of the scoundrels that has been ousted by the the people’s coup – George Osborne.  Over the past few days … Continue reading

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It’s a woman’s world

In Britain at the moment we have the unusual position that the two most powerful politicians in the Isles are women and surprise surprise they are both, in their own ways, making a good job of the pretty rubbish hand … Continue reading

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Procreate Tutorial – YouTube

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