Half hour to kill

I’ve been consumed by photography recently but this afternoon I spent half an hour or so just messing around with my Apple Pencil.

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Mean Streets…

“If in doubt of what to photograph then just spend some time walking around places that you know….” as Tyrion might have said a wise man once said.  Of course this is nonsense but the view hasn’t changed that much in nearly 2000 years.   It is Eastgate in Leicester which, as the name suggests is where the East gate was.  The east gate in question is Roman in origin and it is where the Fosse Way left the Roman town on its journey to Lincoln.   Beyond the wall were small holdings and no doubt there would have been a gathering by the small hill just outside the gate.

In medieval time the area of the Clock tower was also a place to gather that eventually coalesced as the place where people came to buy coal and the modern Clock Tower was known as Coal Hill.   The many voices and languages that can be heard today as you stand in Eastgate would also have been replicated throughout time with the Roman period being the most cosmopolitan.  In the Medieval period the accents of Flemish and German merchants would also have been heard but perhaps in not such great numbers as before.   Today Leicester is rightly proud of the racial mix of its population which on the whole get along with one another.  Nothing is perfect but it does show that people of different cultures can live together without too many problems.   As for the wall and the gate – much of that disappeared during the medieval period.

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Duck Shoot

We have all been there…you hear a snatch of a tune which is very familiar yet you can’t place where you first heard it.  For me it was a piece of music that seemed to be the go to music for impending doom video montages circulating on Facebook or other social media. At one time it was one of Hans Zimmer’s composition but now it was this piece of music.   It had been bugging me for a week or so – I just couldn’t place it.  Then I rewatched the excellent Netflix series The Crown and there it was – Duck Shoot.   Another problem solved.

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So that’s that then…

For a while now I have claimed that autumn was here – well now there is no mistaking the slowly changing season – rain is definitely stopping play.  I realise talking about rain might be seen as being in bad taste  with all that is happening in south Asia at the moment.  Whilst much of the western media seems to think that the flood story is in south Texas the real disaster is around the bay of Bengal where at least 41 million people have been effected.   So far there have been figures of over 1000 people dead but this is bound to increase.   I am sure that the problems and hardship in south Texas are heart breaking but at least they are have the richest nation to support them.  I suspect this is not the base in south Asia.


Going back to my autumn theme these are two images of the same tree just over a month apart.  I know we can argue about how I have made each image but it does prove that the light is changing towards the weaker sun of autumn…then of course winter is coming.

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Another Busy Day at Calke…

Clearly not all the kids have gone back to school today….still there is enough space at Calke Abbey to find some more deserted locations.

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Where the Dark…

A beautiful morning: just watched the season finale of Game of Thrones and everything is good in the world.   So what better time to make images of a spider on her web before the dew has burnt away…well sort of.   I had no intention of making any such image today but then as I walked past this web under the carport something caught my attention…the rest as might have said Aegon Targaryen is history.

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Killing Zone…

When we walk through a garden we usually appreciate the beauty of the plants and style of the way they have been arranged.   What is overlooked is that gardens are a killing field for many of the insects that feed, breed and die their.

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