No One Knows….

I think I must becoming more bar humbug as a I get older or is it just  that I don’t care anymore who knows what I feel about something or another (My family will probably rightly point out that they have had to suffer this for years but that is another story!)  Last night I went to bed at the usual time only to be woken by the midnight fireworks.  ‘Happy New Year’ they cried out.  ‘Rejoice’ they said.  But I have been on this earth too long and seen too many things to know that for many of our fellow citizens the new year is something not to rejoice but rather to fear as it is a continuation of the hell they have been living through.

So if you get something out of celebrating the New Year then I’m happy for you.  I don’t and if you want to say bar humbug to me then please do.

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Pump up the needle…

We are entering the dead time – deep winter – a time when really nothing seems to happen but in fact is some of the most productive of the whole year as few people want to take time off at now.  The Romans didn’t even bother to allocate months to this time of year but rather leaving it as just Winter.   Nowadays we have the modern edition of the days between Christmas and New Year’s day where it has become customary for many companies to grant these as concessionary day.  I’m too old to see the point of this but then again I worked 24/7 365 days a year so Christmas was just another day – that is apart from the double time or extra day off in lieu.   That was then…this is now.

Now I spend much of the Christmas week catching up on this or that.  Today it was working up a couple of images from before Christmas and doing a bit of drawing/sketching.   Not too much of a grind.

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For me and my imagination…

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Non Linear…


Hope you had a great Christmas – me?  Well Christmas is today, Boxing day, when family visit.   This Christmas was a first of sorts as it was the first non-linear Christmas and so far it has been all the better for it.   It does take a little more effort on the viewer’s part as they have to make their mind up what they want to watch but the choice is the viewer’s.   It is interesting to see how the traditional broadcasters or service providers, such as Sky,  are going to adapt to the new paradigm. (Of course the first step in this ever changing drama is that the Murdoch family have sold Sky, along with most of their TV and film business to Disney.  If this move goes through then this will also change things as Disney will control an awful lot of content that non-linears such as Netflix fill their service with.)

The times they are a changing.

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It’s a Christmas thing….

I was going to write about the madness that Christmas has become but I think that has been done to death.   Instead I am going to spend a few moments thinking about my favourite jumper.   A piece of clothing that  I am sure my wife would happily get rid of as it is starting to look a little wear worn but that way leads to divorce.   Years ago I had another jumper that was well past its sell by date but was always the jumper of choice as the cold weather approached.  Eventually it fell to pieces or perhaps I outgrew it!   Anyway it went and for years I didn’t have anything to replace it – now I do and I am as happy as anyone can be about a ten year old piece of clothing.

What can I say?  I’m a man and should any woman read this they are more than likely going to have that  look on their face whereby they wonder at the sanity of almost 50% of the population.   Any man who has been in a long term relationship with a woman will know that look and if we are honest to ourselves we know we are crazy but there we are – we all have our jumper et al and no amount of of looks will change our mind.

So may I wish anyone who reads this a happy Christmas and I hope you are happy with what you get on this feast day.   Anyone who has to work on Christmas I know how hard that can be – been there – done that – got the T shirt so whenever you enjoy the feast day I hope it is a good one.

One final thought.   Christmas is supposed to be about celebrating the birth of the saviour of men and women.  Whether you believe this or not I just hope that you try and show some good will to other people – goodness only knows we need that at the moment.


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Here comes the sun…


So that was another year over and done with – all depends whether you count solar or lunar cycles as your method for marking the passage of another year which  is nonsense as time is time irrespective of which orbit you use .  Anyway today marks the first step towards summer.  Yippee indeed – unless of course you live south of the equator and well it’s all downhill from here.

Unfortunately before we get there we have to endure a long cold lonely winter.  In the end though it will be alright.

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You should never joke about…


Last week when we were en route to the Robert Plant concert I joked that I had my friend’s heavy cold.  He wasn’t impressed and quite rightly told me that I couldn’t pick up a cold so soon.   Well it has now been 7 days since the concert and guess what – I now have a heavy (ish) cold.   It means I feel a little bit like shit (only a little bit) but at least it gives me time to make a few drawings and make a start on my next book.


Boo Hoo to me.

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