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The Harry Potter Party….

“…Roll up roll up there is a new act in town.  I give you the brighter future…I give you the Harry Potter party….” I was going to write about what might be a new development in British politics.  However, events … Continue reading

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With Ralph in my mind…

This is the second series of images made on the Streets of London on Sunday.   As I was making the images this morning I couldn’t help but hum Streets of London in my head. I think London may have change … Continue reading

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Some More Perspective…

Over the past few posts I may have given the impression that I am for Brexit.   I am not.  However, I not in favour of running down Britain which I feel has sometimes taken the over some of  the Remainer … Continue reading

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Ireland’s Borders are Europe’s Borders….

If we dismiss the recent comments by Donald Tusk as being at best unhelpful and certainly not the most diplomatic language ever used – perhaps it is something to do with the name Donald?   What are we to make of … Continue reading

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Lest we forget….

It is very easy to see Brexit as an abstract.   EU good – Britain bad or vice versa.   The same can be said about the debate over the Irish backstop – is this a cunning plan by the EU to … Continue reading

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A welcome relief…

  Oh Brexit, Brexit, Brexit – so good they named it?   This sentence makes no sense nor does the current Brexit position.  Here in Britain we a currently the laughing stock of most the rest of the world.  However, the … Continue reading

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Are we losing all sense of perspective?

Well it seems that things are getting more and more crazy by the day (and I didn’t think that that was possible!).   Today’s Sunday Times is screaming out about a …Very British Coup… Now I am older enough to have … Continue reading

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