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Just a thought about Max Fac…

This could be a country lane anywhere in the UK.   Nothing out of the ordinary and really nothing to see.   Unfortunately, come the 30th March next year this will be the border between the United Kingdom of Great Britain and … Continue reading

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It’s been a while…

Brexit oh Brexit. Some time ago I decided not to comment on the current political situation here in Britain and especially Brexit – actually there is no other political situation apart from crime rates, poverty levels, government indebtedness, NHS funding … Continue reading

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End of the world as we know it….

  So we’re off to the races.  The draft Brexit agreement has now seen the light of day and it seems to have upset everyone (except Theresa May one assumes!)  Will it pass muster?  I haven’t got the first clue … Continue reading

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Canons to the left….

When I was a young man I played an awful lot of the board game Risk.   For those of you who don’t know the game the object is to dominate the world by different forms of conflict and conquest.  To … Continue reading

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I just don’t understand….

  Tis the season…for Brexit to start to become real.   Over the past few days we have seen just how complicated Brexit is going to be with the DUP vetoing the first phase of the negotiations because they object to … Continue reading

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Chasing away the demons….

I’m reading a fascinating book at the moment – Brexit and Ireland: The Dangers, the Opportunities, and the Inside Story of the Irish Response by Tony Connolly and it provides a wonderful antidote to the endless upbeat nonsense put out by … Continue reading

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Oh Alastair…

On Sunday I watched another disgraceful display by Alastair Campbell on the Sunday Politics show.   Campbell, a virement remain supporter, decided to display his boorish, patronising bullying self whilst debating (I’m being charitable) with Gisela Stuart, a Leave supporter, about Brexit.  … Continue reading

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