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A Nicola Murray Momment

So the Conservatives have been found with their fingers well and truly caught in the cookie jar. Today they have been fined by the Electoral Commision for misreporting / overspending on the last General Election.  The nub of the offence … Continue reading

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Move along – nothing to see here

What are we to learn from the two by elections that were held yesterday (23/02/2017)?   Well I am sure there will be a lot of mendacious spinning by all sides some of it might be true but most of … Continue reading

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Oh Gideon

Yesterday I wrote about how the women have taken over the British political landscape.  Today it is all about one of the scoundrels that has been ousted by the the people’s coup – George Osborne.  Over the past few days … Continue reading

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One almighty political Fcuk Up – another day in Brexit Britain.

I really do understand why the people who voted to leave the EU are getting so heated about the case that is currently being heard in the Supreme Court at the moment.  They were sold a pup and now they … Continue reading

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It has been a while…so where are we?

So the dust has settled just a little after the Brexit referendum so I thought I would start to explore some of the issues highlighted by the British decision to leave the European Union. Political To say that both Britain … Continue reading

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Oops I did it again….the continuing Brexit Saga

One part of me is finding the whole unravelling of the Brexit vote quite funny, another  findings the whole thing saddening whilst a third makes me feel quite angry.   Let me recap:  In June 2016 Great Britain voted to … Continue reading

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Good luck to the new PM…we’ll all need it.

I know I predicted that Theresa May would become Prime Minister before anyone else (I get few things right so I am surely just a little time to crow about this so I am going to enjoy that.  There that … Continue reading

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