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Girl on the Highway…

Because the free wind is blowing through your hair. Advertisements

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Spend time in bed

I recommend you stop watching the news… I really should take this advice from Morrissey

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Is it real…

Flu jab plus cold equals…

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One of Dynsdale’s Boys…

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Killing time in a hotel room..

We’ve all had those moments in hotels when you’ve got a few minutes to kill for whatever reason.  What to do?   For me I just spend my time doodling.

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Today I’ve been mostly listening to Ommadawn…

Ommadawn was the third album that Mike Oldfield released and I think it is safe to say it is a bit of an acquired taste which is great because those of us who like the album are few and far … Continue reading

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Duck Shoot

We have all been there…you hear a snatch of a tune which is very familiar yet you can’t place where you first heard it.  For me it was a piece of music that seemed to be the go to music … Continue reading

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