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Not always welcome…

  As summer approaches the flowers start to come out in force and it is so tempting to make photographic images of them.  But therein lies the problem.  Flowers need light to look their best but the combination of the … Continue reading

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Some kind a misunderstandin’


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From the bright side of the road…

What a wonderful thing it is to live in England in spring.  This is not meant to be some form of jingoistic statement but rather a reflection of just how the weather changes so quickly on these damp and green … Continue reading

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Just when will the sun shine again?

January is in many ways the worst month of the winter.   We have had all the head excitement of the Christmas period to help us through the shortest days.  Now we have nothing to help lighten the the grey heavy … Continue reading

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Decay and Renew – Day 5

Autumn is finally hitting – although the temperature is still quite warm.  Leaves are falling and seeds and berries are out in abundance.  In all of this decay there are the seeds of renewal.

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Catch up – Day 4

After an intense outburst of creativity today I am trying to catch up with images that I missed on my first run through.

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Something that I have never understood

Over the years I have looked at many many photographs and one thing has puzzled more each time more than anything else – why is it important to know the F stop and shutter speed etc?   I suspect I am … Continue reading

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