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A good dollop of RAM…

  Autumn being the season of mellow fruitfulness I thought it would be a good time to splash out and give my aging iMac some more RAM and you know what it seems to have worked a treat.  Yum Yum. … Continue reading

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Just a little bit….

I have been threatening, mostly myself, for sometime to put together a series of images I have made with my iPhones over the years.   Well the best opportunity to do this is coming up because, drum rolls please, it soon … Continue reading

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So here we go again…being bathed in a whole new swath of photographic tech from major companies such as Canon and Apple.   We are told that this is the greatest yet or whatever hyperbole that Apple came up with last … Continue reading

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You gotta do what you should…

  If ever there were two images that show all the things that are wrong with modern art these are they.   This has nothing to do with the with the paintings them self as they some of the most powerful … Continue reading

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Banging a Fan Boy Drum…

I’m afraid I’ve become a particular kind of bore – an Apple Fanboy.   I can’t help myself when I see the quality of the images that the latest iPhone helps create.   These were taken yesterday at the Pia Camil exhibition at … Continue reading

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Against the wind…

Beautiful light, Bitter wind.   What better way to test the capabilities of my new camera on my new phone.  I have to say overall I am very impressed with Apple’s ability to make a very well exposed JPEG.  The image … Continue reading

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A library is an arsenal of liberty

  Sheffield City Library claims this quote is from the most quoted person of all time Anonymous.   However, the internet suggest it might have been Cicero.   Whatever the case empty shelves, even when display shelves,  make the quote look very hollow … Continue reading

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