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Move along – nothing to see here

What are we to learn from the two by elections that were held yesterday (23/02/2017)?   Well I am sure there will be a lot of mendacious spinning by all sides some of it might be true but most of … Continue reading

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It was only meant as a joke.

Honestly it really was meant as a joke…honest guv!   A few months ago I wrote a bit of a tongue in cheek post about the likelihood of Jeremy Corbyn being elected Prime Minister and listed all the things that … Continue reading

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Oops I did it again….the continuing Brexit Saga

One part of me is finding the whole unravelling of the Brexit vote quite funny, another  findings the whole thing saddening whilst a third makes me feel quite angry.   Let me recap:  In June 2016 Great Britain voted to … Continue reading

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Jeremy Corbyn is the New Prime MInister – you should never say never….

So the election in the Labour party is over and Jeremy Corbyn has been reelected with a larger majority.   He has now put the Labour party onto an election footing with an expectation of a new election sometime in … Continue reading

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Can the Cannot?

So we are now in a post post Corbyn era.  The Labour party has overwhelmingly supported Jeremy Corbyn as their leader and good luck to them.   Their narrative is that he represents a better way to run the country … Continue reading

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Good luck to the new PM…we’ll all need it.

I know I predicted that Theresa May would become Prime Minister before anyone else (I get few things right so I am surely just a little time to crow about this so I am going to enjoy that.  There that … Continue reading

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Calling an Election…it just ain’t going to happen.

Here we go again…just as we have chosen the new Prime Minister (PM) in a very British fashion the media is getting its knickers in a twist about a new election to give the new Prime Minister ‘legitimacy’.  If we … Continue reading

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