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So much for great plans…

  The golden hour, oh how we photographers bang on about it.  The golden hour – the time around dawn and dusk when the light is at its best!   That is of course when the weather forecast is correct.   A … Continue reading

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There be dragons….

After spending an excellent day in north London we found ourselves in trees of the Ashridge Estate, Hertfordshire.   This may well mean nothing to an awful lot of people – it didn’t to me until today.   However, many millions of … Continue reading

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Another Busy Day at Calke…

Clearly not all the kids have gone back to school today….still there is enough space at Calke Abbey to find some more deserted locations.

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Suffering for my art…

Bright, flat daytime light is possibly some of the worst light for capturing images.   It makes for pleasant walking conditions, especially when there is a breeze, but capturing images – it can be a nightmare.   Today I found … Continue reading

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Autumn has still to come in the land of Dorne

I was on my travels again over the last couple of days – visiting the land of Dorne again. (You those of you who don’t follow the Dragon show Dorne is in the south east corner of Westeros – Sussex … Continue reading

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I challenge the mighty…

I guess we all have different memories of National Trust properties when we were growing up.  For me it is a total absence of ever having visited a National Trust property .  Whether that is true or not I have … Continue reading

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Getting dry…

Another visit to the rather damp Hidcote Manor – the lighting conditions were near perfect with a flat light and plenty of rain drops.

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