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So here we go again…being bathed in a whole new swath of photographic tech from major companies such as Canon and Apple.   We are told that this is the greatest yet or whatever hyperbole that Apple came up with last … Continue reading

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You gotta do what you should…

  If ever there were two images that show all the things that are wrong with modern art these are they.   This has nothing to do with the with the paintings them self as they some of the most powerful … Continue reading

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On top of the world…

In the great scheme of things the hill isn’t that high but as with most things context if king.  From the top of the hill you can see for miles around and on a late summer afternoon, with a gentle … Continue reading

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Clearing up…

  For a series of complicated interconnected reasons I have been wading through my back catalogue over the past few days.   As I did that I have found a few images that I thought worth giving a breath of freash … Continue reading

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Banging a Fan Boy Drum…

I’m afraid I’ve become a particular kind of bore – an Apple Fanboy.   I can’t help myself when I see the quality of the images that the latest iPhone helps create.   These were taken yesterday at the Pia Camil exhibition at … Continue reading

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All in a morning’s….

I never really understood just how much Ernst Haas has influenced my photography until really quite recently.

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Teaching an old dog…

For reasons I have no intention of going into here I have just bought myself a new camera and lens – not an entirely unheard of pattern of behaviour on my part.   However at the same time my rather ancient … Continue reading

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