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Pump up the needle…

We are entering the dead time – deep winter – a time when really nothing seems to happen but in fact is some of the most productive of the whole year as few people want to take time off at … Continue reading

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It’s a Christmas thing….

I was going to write about the madness that Christmas has become but I think that has been done to death.   Instead I am going to spend a few moments thinking about my favourite jumper.   A piece of clothing that  … Continue reading

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Here comes the sun…

  So that was another year over and done with – all depends whether you count solar or lunar cycles as your method for marking the passage of another year which  is nonsense as time is time irrespective of which … Continue reading

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A library is an arsenal of liberty

  Sheffield City Library claims this quote is from the most quoted person of all time Anonymous.   However, the internet suggest it might have been Cicero.   Whatever the case empty shelves, even when display shelves,  make the quote look very hollow … Continue reading

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Hold on to…

  Thought I’d take my iPhone for a walk today…felt quite good.

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Lacklustre Morning….

Had one plan, couldn’t be arsed to get up in time so had a walk around the park at dawn….alright suppose

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Night Swimming

So R.E.M. are reissuing Automatic for the People for a 25th anniversary celebration (not quite sure how that works but hay what the hell do I know?)    So I am going through some images I made a while ago … Continue reading

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