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It’s a woman’s world

In Britain at the moment we have the unusual position that the two most powerful politicians in the Isles are women and surprise surprise they are both, in their own ways, making a good job of the pretty rubbish hand … Continue reading

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Yesterday the British Prime Minister made a speech about Brexit which I thought set out the Britain’s position on their relationship with Europe going forward.  I could not see the continuation of membership of the single market once I had … Continue reading

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Calling an Election…it just ain’t going to happen.

Here we go again…just as we have chosen the new Prime Minister (PM) in a very British fashion the media is getting its knickers in a twist about a new election to give the new Prime Minister ‘legitimacy’.  If we … Continue reading

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These images were captured a week ago today and they already look like they were in another country, another time.  Since they were made the roof has collapsed on everything that seems to pass as normality in Britain.   Some … Continue reading

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Happy New Year

So here we go again. A New Year and yet the same old story is being peddled to death – Corbyn is crap and dangerous and now is going to purge all the sane minded members of his shadow cabinet … Continue reading

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Demise of the once great

It is quite a while since I have written anything about Rugby Union but having spent the weekend watching the Rugby World Cup quarter finals I felt I needed to add my views to the firmament.   The first thing to … Continue reading

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The view from the Shire

So I have now recovered from  disturbed sleep patterns and a hangover thanks to the election. It is time to take stock of one of the bluest of blue shires in England.  The first thing to say is that as … Continue reading

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